Teaching and Coaching VS Counceling

At A Better Way we believe professional counseling is a beautiful gift to society, but at the same time not every problem requires a master’s level therapist for treatment.  We believe many issues can be improved with some education and coaching.

What is the difference?

  • Counseling relies on the skills and knowledge of the therapist.  Training gives you options to choose from and allows you to pick your own path to self correction.  Coaching pats you on the backs and helps you evaluate the path you have chosen.
  • Counseling is diagnostics and prescriptive.  Education and coaching is goal focused
  • Counseling often focuses on your past.  Coaching is forward looking
  • Counseling is often a solo journey.  Training often uses the the group process to extend the educational experience.

That being said our coaches are trained in many professional counseling techniques such as CBT, motivational interviewing, dialectal behavior therapy, illness management and recovery, group counseling, addiction counseling and anger management .  These techniques are incorporated in our coaching and classes adding to quality of instruction you will receive at A Better Way.




How many toxic roads will you go down?

In life we choose many different types of “bad roads.”  What types of bad paths have you chosen in life?  Toxic relationships? Unhealthy Choices? Fear and withdrawal? Rebellion and danger – that in the end hurt you the most.  These toxic roads are not altogether bad.  Getting stuck on a bad road is often just what we need to motivate us to make changes in our life. The real question is:

How many toxic roads will you have to go down before you choose to find a better way?